Electronic component

EPI Vietnam Technologies target is to be top option for independent electronics manufacturer, serving high quality products, fast and on time delivery to ensure customer receiving good service, in order to achieve this goal, EPI Vietnam Technologies on the one hand believes in high standred ethics,promotes administration and responsibility system, on the other hand establishs new type of supply relationships for better using resources, and enhance capacity of effectively providing the largest components by newwork, our aim is to become a high effectively and respected mutual incentive partner. Buy electronics components from EPI Vietnam Technologies save your time and money with more confidence!

EPI Vietnam Technologies staff has the experience to provide the fastest response times, and the best prices. With over 6 years of experience in the electronic parts procurement industry, we know that receiving the highest quality parts, at great prices, with excellent customer service is what matters most. The team at EPI Vietnam Technologies are fanatical about quality assurance. We know it is the most important factor in whom you choose to do business with.

The main advantages of our company brand is : Xppower, Epson, BrightKing, Eos, Samtech, Chogori, Würth Elektronik, Aishi, AlphaWire, Omrron, Amphenol, Toshiba, Wakefield-vette, Mcli, Ophir, Sierra wireless, Esmt, Hongfa, TST,...