5G MIFI/CPE Block Diagram by SIMCOM

How does a 5G MIFI/Indoor CPE Block Diagram look like? Take a look at a reference by SIMCOM below.

SIMCOM Wireless Solutions is the global leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless modules and solutions supplier. According to the latest M2M report by ABI Research Inc., a leading U.S. market research company, SIMCom has led the world in wireless communication module sales for four consecutive years.

SIMCOM has presented in Vietnam through the authorised distributoer EPI Vietnam Technologies. 

The 5G MIFI/Indoor CPE Block Diagram by SIMCOM includes:

- 5G Module (LGA) – SIM8200G => Spec: http://bit.ly/SIM8200G

- Wifi6 module – W80 => Spec: http://bit.ly/simcomW80

- Antenna: 5G và Wifi

- Power supply

BOM cost is estimated around 180-200US$ upon the demand quantity and tends to decrease when the demand and popularity increase. 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies for any further details:

• E: info@epi-tech.com.vn

• P: +84 2462 817448

• W: www.epi-tech.com.vn

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