Alps Alpine begins mass production of Remote ID devices for drones


Unmanned aircraft (drones) are used to perform infrastructure checks efficiently in high, mountainous terrains, etc., especially without endangering humans. 

Amendments to the Civil Aeronautics Act in Japan made it mandatory for drones with a take-off weight of 100 grams or more to be registered with the DIPS-REG drone registration system managed by MLIT and for registration IDs to be displayed on drones 

However, the information displayed on the drone cannot be verified from the ground while it is in flight. The aircraft will therefore need to carry a remote ID device for transmission. 

Alpine Alpine Co., Ltd. developed the "Remote ID Device", a transmitter for drones. The remote ID device transmits data that identifies the drone, including the registration ID address and location information, etc. The location of an aircraft is accurately determined using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and its registration ID are transmitted using a Bluetooth® 5.0 compatible Alps Alpine development module. The communication range in practice reaches at least 1,500 meters. 

Alps Alpine predicts that in the future the use of drones will be more widespread, so it will cooperate with Japanese industrial drone manufacturer Eams Robotics. 

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