1. 5G, Industry 5.0 and eSIM Connectivity Pivotal to Continuing Future IoT Momentum

eSIM connectivity will revolutionise global IoT device deployments, device visibility and security will be primary concerns for enterprises in 2022, and augmentation of IoT and human decision-making central to creation of ‘Industry 5.0’ will accelerate industry-specific digital transformation programmes.

Details: https://iotbusinessnews.com/2022/02/09/03069-5g-industry-5-0-and-esim-connectivity-pivotal-to-continuing-future-iot-momentum-according-to-eseyes-future-of-iot-report/

2. Microprocessor growth to slow in 2022 after phone MPU surge

Total MPU sales are expected to rise 7% this year with cellphone processors increasing 10% following a 31% jump in 2021. Total microprocessor sales in 2021 maintained strength, growing 14% to a record-high $102.9 billion after climbing 16% in 2020, when emergency lockdowns in the Covid-19 virus crisis drove up demand for personal computers and large-screen smartphones. Worldwide sales growth in total microprocessors is expected to slide back in 2022 to an increase of 7%, which will lift the MPU market to another record high of $110.4 billion.

Details: https://www.semimedia.cc/?p=11807



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