EPI Vietnam Technologies Announces Distribution Agreement with UnitedSiC

May 9th 2022, Hanoi, Vietnam: EPI Vietnam Technologies today announced that it has entered into a representation and distribution agreement with UnitedSic, a part of Qorvo, which is a leading manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors. 

Under the agreement, EPI Vietnam Technologies is the authorized distributor to promote and sell UnitedSic’s products in all territories of Vietnam. United Silicon Carbide's product portfolio now spans more than 80 SiC FETs, JFETs and Schottky diode devices. Based on a unique cascode configuration, the recently announced Generation 4 SiC FETs are specified at an industry-leading 750V at 5.9 milliohm RDS(on), enabling new levels of SiC efficiency and performance critical for EV chargers, DC-DC converters and traction drives, as well as telecom/server power supplies, variable speed motor drives and solar photovoltaic (PV) inverters. 

Through this partnership, UnitedSiC’s sales pipeline in Vietnam will be extended by EPI’s distribution advantages. On the other hand, EPI Vietnam Technologies will enrich its portfolio with a high-quality, wide range of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors and provide customers with outstanding quality products, exceptional customer service through its strong local support. 

About EPI Vietnam Technologies  

EPI Vietnam Technologies is the leading electronics component distributor in Vietnam. Our goal is to offer exceptional service to our customers, which includes technical support, consultancy, extensive product inventory, door- to-door delivery, and other local support services.  

More information is available online at https://www.epi-tech.com.vn/ 

About UnitedSic, Inc  

UnitedSic was established in 1999. Since then, it has developed innovative silicon carbide FET and diode power semiconductors that deliver the industry’s best SiC efficiency and performance for electric vehicle (EV) chargers, DC-DC converters, and traction drives, as well as a telecom/server power, supplies variable speed motor drives and solar PV inverters. The vision of UnitedSic is to deliver industry-transforming levels of power efficiency to society’s most advanced applications, particularly in mobility, IT infrastructure and renewable energy. 

More information is available online at https://unitedsic.com/ 

Applications served:  

  • Motor Controller and Driver 
  • Electric Vehicles 
  • Battery Charging 
  • Power application 
  • Telecom rectifiers 
  • Data center PFC DC-DC conversion 
  • Circuit breakers 
  • Speed motor drives 
  • Solar PV inverters 






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