EPI to represent ANATECH ELECTRONICS’s as well as distribute its RF & microwave filters products in Vietnam

Nov 19th 2021- Hanoi, Vietnam: EPI Vietnam Technologies today announced that it has entered into representation and distribution agreement with Anatech Electronics, a well-known USA-based manufacturer of RF and microwave filter and related products, serving customers in commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications.

Under the agreement, EPI Vietnam Technologies is the exclusive distributor and representative for Anatech Electronics’ products in all territories of Vietnam.

“We are very pleased to continue to enrich our portfolio with high-quality and wide-range RF and microwave filters and RF products” said Pham Kieu Hung, EPI’s Sales & Marketing Director. “We believe that our partnership with Anatech Electronics will provide our customers with an outstanding quality and exceptional customer service through local strong support.”

“EPI Vietnam Technologies’ well proven history of distributing advanced and wide-range solutions from worldwide manufacturers matches perfectly with Anatech Electronics’ philosophy of providing cost effective solutions for RF communication systems in Vietnams. We look forward to using EPI’s distribution experience to expend our sales pipeline in Vietnam, and hope for a healthy business relationship between EPI Vietnam and Anatech Electronics” said Sam Benzacar, Anatech Electronics’ Vice President of Technical Sales & Marketing.

About EPI Vietnam Technologies

EPI Vietnam Technologies is a leading franchised electronics component distributor in Vietnam. Our ultimate goal is to offer exceptional service to our customers, which includes technical support, consultant, extensive product inventory, door to door delivery and other local support services.

About Anatech Electronics

Founded in 1990, Anatech Electronics is a privately-held, ISO 9001:2015-certified company that focuses on the design and manufacturing of RF and microwave filters and related products.

Anatech Electronics products include band pass, low pass, high pass, band stop / Notch filters, duplexers & diplexers, and triplexers, in lumped element (LC), ceramic, cavity, waveguide, suspended substrate, crystal, SAW, and helical technologies. Response types include Chebyshev, Butterworth, elliptic, Gaussian, flat group delay, and proprietary designs that combine classic topologies to produce an optimized solution. AEI also manufactures power dividers, directional couplers, circulators, terminations, and cable assemblies.

Applications served:

• Wireless communication systems

• Defense electronic systems (electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, radar, and communications)

• Industrial systems

• Medical systems

• Scientific instruments and other systems

• GPS navigation systems

• Satellite communications terminals



• IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi systems

• Point-to-point microwave links








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