[EPSON] Releases the M-G366PDG and M-G330PDG to add to their lineup of G-series IMUs

[EPSON] Releases the M-G366PDG and M-G330PDG to add to their lineup of G-series IMUs

Since their release in 2011, Epson's IMUs have been used in a variety of customer applications, including precision agriculture (GNSS), drones, vibration control and antenna platforms. These devices have established a stellar reputation for excellent performance and quality. 


To expand the options at this size, Epson has added a newly developed standard model named the M-G366PDG ("M-G366") and a basic model called the M-G330PDG to its array of IMUs with high-performance six-axis sensors ("M-G330"). 


High stability and high-precision measurement capability 

Low noise and one-inch platforms 

Small, lightweight, low-power 


Output range: ±8 G or ±16 G 

One-inch platform (24 x 24 x 10 mm³) 
Downward compatible with the M-G370 and M-G370S, sharply reducing customer development costs and evaluation time 

0.05% gyroscopic sensor non-linearity 

Low current consumption: 16 mA 


Unmanned vehicles (industrial drones, terrestrial vehicles, sea probes, etc.) 

Vibration damping for cameras, antennas, etc. 

Vibration, angle, trajectory measurement of industrial equipment, etc. 

Navigation systems (GNSS, INS, high-precision locators), etc. 

For more information about M-G366PDG and M-G330PDG , visit: https://corporate.epson/en/news/2022/221124.html 

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