EPSON RTC module - the effective time-control solution for IoT & multi-function systems

RTC- Real Time Clock module is a battery-powered clock that is included in a microchip in a computer motherboard. This microchip is usually separate from the microprocessor and other chips and is often referred to simply as "the CMOS".

What are the roles of RTC?

  • To track and determine the time with high accuracy.
  • To be integrated  in IoT devices and function systems to monitor systems.

What are the advantages of Epson's RTC module?

  • Integrating quartz-able oscillator with RTC IC in a single compact module.
  • Low power consumption and temperature compensation when ambient temperature fluctuates.
  • Record the exact time at any point when have danger to help users retrieve time and system data.
  • Various functions such as a time stamp function that can record up to 32 dates and times when an external or internal event occurs, so it used in application such as timer, AI camera storage time, ...

Epson just launched the RTC Module RX8901CE / RX4901CE with up to 3 event detection ports, which can receive signals from sensors from EVIN1 to EVIN3 separately to quickly send event signals, interrupt signals to MCU, improve MCU signal efficiency, optimal working time, time to try to handle before the system crashes.

Figure 1: Event example of tamper detection function of RTC Module RX8901CE

Datasheet link:



Figure 2: Block diagram of RTC RX8901CE

Epson Microdevices offers a wide range of different high-precision RTC Modules for a variety of specialized applications, which can be found at: Product lineups on its website.

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