Latching Relay HF191F-L

With the development trend of green and energy-saving buildings, the market demand for super current-carrying control applications is rapidly expanding. 

Because of the technological transformation of automation, intelligence, and energy saving in industrial, and construction industries such as office buildings and public facilities, products in this field have higher requirements for inrush current characteristics, especially lighting load, low power consumption, and low cost.  

Hongfa keeps up with the market trend, continuously carries out technological innovation, and develops the Latching Relay HF191F-L, which meets the requirements of the combination of relays with small and low-height magnetic and fully supports the industry's future development requirement of low-cost, energy-saving, and intelligent control. 


  • Small size 35*12*24mm 
  • Zero power consumption in standby state. 
  • Large current load 50A, 277VAC. 
  • Dielectrics withstand voltage between coil contacts > 5000VAC 


  • Smart home 
  • Commercial lighting 
  • Charging module 

For more detailed information about the product, visit the link: https://www.hongfa.com/News/Item/32 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies - the authorized distributor of Hongfa in Vietnam for better support on products and prices: https://www.epi-tech.com.vn/  







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