L-Com Connectivity - Solution for power projects in harsh environments such as temperature extremes, moisture, corrosive materials, shock, and vibration.

L - Com products are made from high strength materials, resistant to most weather effects, suitable for many outdoor applications like agriculture, construction, marine, aviation, etc.

Featured products:
• NEMA box weatherproof enclosures
• Outdoor, moisture and UV proof Ethernet cables
• Waterproof Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and fiber optic cables
• Aerospace high temp Ethernet cables
• Metal or plastic armored Ethernet, USB, AV, and D-subminiature cables
• Ruggedized cables with metal connectors for Ethernet and DVI
• Industrial hardened Ethernet switches and media converters
• Waterproof and ruggedized adapters and couplers
• Outdoor surge lightning protectors and arrestors
• Ruggedized outdoor base station RF antennas

Learn more: https://bitly.com.vn/81nvrt

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