[L-COM] expanded its line of sensors with PRT800 series

[L-COM] expanded its line of sensors with PRT800 series

L-com expanded its line of sensors that address IoT applications. The new IoT sensors measure pressure, temperature and humidity with pinpoint accuracy.  

The L-com PRT800 series of integrated pressure and temperature sensors feature a micro fused silicon strain gauge.  



  • The integrated design of the elastomer and pressure interface eliminates the potential for leaks seen in other designs.  

  • Sensitive PT100/1000 temperature sensing elements, together with intelligent temperature compensation result in accurate temperature measurements over a wide range of -20 to +85C.  

  • Pressure and temperature outputs are independent and accurate to within 0.5% of full scale value.  

  • The 22mm diameter, highly durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel housing means years of trouble free operation.  


  • Advanced micro fused silicon strain gauge 

  • leak free elastomer structure 

  • Integrated temperature compensation 

  • Independent temperature and pressure outputs 

  • Excellent shock, overload, & vibration resistance 

  • Highly corrosion resistant SS housing 

  • ESD and EMI protection 


  • Industrial process and control 

  • Automated detection 

  • Hydraulic and full-motion control 

  • Pumping stations 

  • Water treatment systems 

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Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies - the authorized distributor of L-com in Vietnam for better support on products and prices: https://www.epi-tech.com.vn/  





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