MORNSUN AC/DC 1-15W LS-R3 Series

LS-R3 series is one of Mornsun’s highly efficient green power AC-DC Converter series. They feature wide input range accepting either AC or DC voltage, high reliability, low power consumption and reinforced isolation.

Comparison of power solution for small power supply:

  • With the solution using power IC, professional design ability is required.
  • With the solution using the source module, the cost will increase.
  • With the power board solution, there will be fewer applications and the capacity will usually be limited.
  • The LS-R3 has the advantages of cost, performance, size flexibility and many outstanding features as below:


  • Universal input voltage: suitable for the requirements of different voltage sources, such as 110V / 220V / 277V of different national power grids.
  • Small size, flexible design: can flexibly arrange the design according to the shape of different devices, convenient for the design of customers.
  • High reliability: strict reliability foundation, ensuring the reliability of the power module to save maintenance costs for customers.
  • Theoretical life time from 3 to10 years based on proper selection and control of capacitance.
  • Higher cost performance: high performance but lower price.

Outstanding applications:

  • Application in electrical capacity measurement, which requires to be able to withstand sudden voltage changes, low energy consumption, long use time.
  • Application in smart switch circuits/smart buildings, which requires compact circuit size.

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