Toshiba provides low power CMOS ICs that allow easy and high speed logic voltage level conversion.

Bus Switch

Bus switches, including multiplexers, are optimized for digital signals.

Toshiba has a lineup of low-voltage (TC7SBL / WBL / MBL) and 5V-type (TC7SB / WB) general-purpose bus switches.
As digital signals have become faster, Toshiba's lineup has expanded to encompass wideband bus switches that have passed the signal quality tests of various signal standards.
In addition, Toshiba also has a lineup of dual power supply level shift bus switches as level shifters that do not require signal direction control.
Toshiba also provides signal switching switches, analog switches optimized for analog signals, and multiplexers for digital signals such as CMOS logic ICs.

There are two common types of ICs that convert 4 input 4 ouput (4-bit) and 8 input 8 output (8-bit).

o Low Voltage / Low Power 4-Bit Dual Supply Bus Switch TC7QPB9306FK, TC7QPB9307FK, TC7QPB9306FT, TC7QPB9307FT

- Vcca supports voltage from 1.65 - 5V

- Vccb supports voltage from 2.3 - 5.5V

- TC7QPB9306FK enable high level, package VSSOP14

- TC7QPB9307FK enable low level, package VSSOP14

- TC7QPB9306FT enable high level, package TSSOP14

- TC7QPB9307FT enable low level, package TSSOP14

o Low Voltage/Low Power 8-Bit Dual Supply Bus Switch TC7MPB9307FK, TC7MPB9307FT

- Vcca supports voltage from 1.65 - 5V

- Vccb supports voltage from 2.3 - 5.5V

- TC7MPB9307FK enable low level, package VSSOP20

- TC7MPB9307FT enable low level, package TSSOP20

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