[Toshiba] Expanded Lineup of Surge Protection Zener Diodes

Toshiba has expanded the lineup of Zener diode products in the “MKZ series” by launching products that use the SOT-23 package. Zener diodes protect electronic devices from switching surges and Electrostatic Discharge.

When mechanical relays or motors are driven, surges can be generated by the counter electromotive force of the coils. The new products are Zener diodes that protect electronic devices from switching surges and ESD. In addition, in the same way as current products in the lineup, the new products can absorb surges well with their low dynamic resistance and low clamp voltage characteristics, suppressing voltage added to electronic devices. This helps to improve the quality of electronic equipment.

The products using the general-purpose SOT-23 package are in the lineup with Zener voltages of 5.6 V to 36 V to support common voltage values. This allows them to support various voltage lines and mounting areas.


  • Allows protection from surges with a wide pulse width range in the order of microseconds to milliseconds.
  • Low dynamic resistance and low clamp voltage
  • Zener voltage lineups of a wide range: VZ =5.6 V to 36 V


  • Consumer equipment (home appliances, power supplies, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment (OA equipment, power supplies, etc.)

For more information about the product, visit: https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/ap-en/company/news/new-products-share/diode/diode-20220617-1d.html

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