An embedded SIM is a form of programmable SIM card that is embedded directly into a device and cannot be removed from a device. Based on the latest version of GMSA SGP 02 specification, mioSIM eUICC IoT has been designed to push pre-provisioned MNO (mobile network operation) profiles to the eSIM on boarded on the IoT device.

Together with VALID SM-DP (Subscription Manager Data Preparation) and VALID SM-SR (Subscription manager Secure Routing) IoT device makers and service providers can easily manage their IoT devices’ connectivity using a single eSIM SKU.


• mioSIM® OS is compliant with ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Release 15 Specifications.

• GSMA specifications (SGP.01/SGP.02) Embedded SIM in M2M Devices.

• Secure Elements Access Control.

• Includes an eSIM single profile (UICC) and multiple profiles (eUICC) (one active at a time).

• VALID SM-DP: Manages profiles creation, storage, personalization and encryption.

• VALID SM-SR: Secure routing for profiles download and activation.

• Form factor: MFF2

Benefits for the IoT device makers:

• Miniaturization: MFF2 form factor allowing device size reduction or saving space for other components.

• Ruggedness: water-proof, dust-proof and extreme conditions support capabilities to devices.

• Endurance: Industrial and Automotive grades variants have a longer lifespan and data retention to extend IoT devices operation on the field.

• Enhanced Security: the device is protected from cyber-attacks and hacking.

• Lower power consumption: extend the battery life


Networking solutions using eSIM technology can be widely applicable to various Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios

• Vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots, GPS tracking

• MiFi devices

• Smart metering

• Etc, …

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